Solar System Exploration

Reece Grundy


Galileo Galilie

Galileo Galilei was born in February the 15th 1564 in Pisa Italy. He died in January the 8th 1642 at the age of 77 in Arcetri near Florence.He was a Italian philosopher, astronomer and a mathematician.


In 1609 Galileo heard that in germany that they invented a instrument that allowed you to see distance thing in the sky though they were near by. Galilieo found a way to improve it. he made a three-powered spy glass. But it wasnt good enough to see distant things. So he taught him self the art of lens grinding and increasenly made it more powerfull that it can magnife up to 20 times. He later discovered the moon was rough. In 1610 he found 4 moons of jupiter, stars that were invisible to the naked eye and saturn and its rings. He later discovered that all palanets orbit the sun not the earth.

Technologies Used

Galileo used these things for his telescope:

Lens, magnified glass, eye piece ,stand, inner and outer tubes and a eye hole. He used his lens grinding skills to do this.

Contributions to Knowledge

Galileo made a great invention to help science his telescope found Jupiter's moons , Saturn and it's ring , stars that are invisible to the naked eye and the big one that changed history, he discovered that all planets orbit the sun not the earth with out him and his great invention we wouldn't know this stuff for a long time.


Voyager 1

The Voyager 1 went out into space in 1977 5th of September its twin voyager 2 went out 2 weeks later. it was sent by NASA. The voyagers are still in space today. The voyager 1 has been in space for 36 years 1 month and 25 days from october the 30th 2013. It ways 722 Kg. The speed is 62,136 Km/h


The voyager's goal is to take photos of planets and their moons and to try and find allien life, they put a mini film clip on the voyager so if anyone finds it they can learn about the earth. The voyager 1 has just gone accros the helio pause and into the interstellar space.

Techknologies Used

They used a dish for to communicate to earth, a mini clip for any life in space and uses the sun as its fuel.


The voyager 1 has discovered, Europer, Jupiter, Saturn and its rings, Io, Callisto, Ganymede, Amalthea and interstellar space.

Additional Information

Voyager 1 is the first man made object to go into interstellar space. The voyager 1will end in 2025 because it will run out of power because it uses the sun as power.