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March 2013

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Welcome to the official newsletter/gazette of Talton K. Stone Middle School in Elizabethtown, KY. The content of this newsletter is that which either gives our students a chance to express themselves (writing, comics, etc.), brings an update on TK news (like sport and club events), or gives a review on any of the wonderful books from the school library (with librarian and news crew head David Grossman's approval, of course). We hope that this newspaper will get you revved up for upcoming TK events, as well as help give you a place to express yourself.

*If you'd like to write an article for The Panther Claw, please contact David Grossman either in the library, or through

ATTENTION BASEBALL FANS: A Note From Out-fielder Nathaniel Herringshaw

The baseball season for TK Stone starts March 20th. This year lots of baseball sporting events will be occurring, and it is a lot of fun being on the team. There are lots of benefits, including meeting new people and making new friends. Playing baseball means a lot to us, and it is our pride. And I bet we could do even better if you could come out and support us, starting on the twentieth.

Teacher Highlight: Christian Ennis

In this article I interviewed David Grossman or Mr. Grossman. Mr. Grossman has been teaching for 12 years. He went to Murry State University for college. Mr. Grossman decided to be a teacher in his senior year of college. He said it took him an extra year of college to become a teacher. He has taught at Morningside and during his time there he taught kindergarten, 3rd grade and 4th grade. He has also taught 8th grade Science here at T.K. Stone. His most memorable time in school was chemistry lab experiments when he taught 8th grade science and going on the 8th grade trip.

The Parable of the Foolish Trucker: Clayton Roederer

There was a trucker named John. You didn’t expect to see something like a parable about something like a trucker from the Kentucky sticks, didja? John was a good man generally; he paid his bills, he sold livestock to the churches and orphanages, and helped little old women and goats across the street. Then one day, John passed a Ford dealership, and saw the purtiest F-750 in all o’ Kentucky. It was a shiny, apple-red truck with a big back and enough room to fit eight kids, four hound dogs and the piggy stolen from the shed. Problem was, John didn’t have any cash. So John went to his old pal Billy Bob Jones, who had by now become the sheriff. He asked him to loan him some cash so he could by that tow truck. Now the sheriff knew that John was sorta lazy and not very strong (how he’s a trucker nobody knows), and he knew it would be pure Hell for John to have to do the work to earn the money for his precious truck. So the sheriff told John that because they were friends, he would give him the money, but in one year, John had to pay him back. Skip ahead one year, and John is crawling (quite literally) back to the sheriff after being in a wreck to tell the sheriff he just can’t pay him back. That he’s absolutely plum broke, so much that he couldn’t even walk to the local drug store and buy a Coca-Cola. The sheriff was patient yet firm with John; since he didn’t keep his word about the money, he was gonna have to do the work that Billy Bob had originally passed from him. Just as the sheriff suspected, life became HELL for John. He remembered something he read in his Bible recently about showing mercy and compassion, and so he went up to John. He told him that he was disappointed in John for being so foolish with his promises, but he had friend’s love for John, so he would let him off with a warning, on the count of John had never exactly done a thing wrong. With all the talk of pay-offs and debts, John remembered some debts people owed him, and started going after them, demanding them for their cash, even if they said they didn’t have it. There was even one person living in an ol’ shack and eating beans everyday that John demanded cash from. Well, word got around to the sheriff, and he was hacked. He had John brought in and put in jail for life. The sheriff forgave him with a lot, but John couldn’t forgive a little. For that, he had to spend time for life. The sheriff even just plum through away the key, due to his anger towards John’s stupidity.

*This is based on a Biblical parable from Luke 16:1-13

The Hunger Games: A Book Review by Steven Hof

I have a great book to tell you about today. It is called the Hunger Games. I want you to come down to the library and get this book because it is a really good action book along with a science fiction book. What makes it a science fiction book is that it is set in a world where you have to fight to the death in an arena with a dome like shape in the middle of the arena with supplies called the Capricorn. The way it makes it action is that 1 boy and 1 girl are chosen from Districts 1-12(There were 13 districts but they had a nuclear warfare with the capitol, Panem, and the whole district got blown up) to fight to the death in The Hunger Games. The winning district gets more food from that year of the games and the losing districts need better luck for the next year’s games. The Main character, Katniss Everdeen, is a volunteer, somebody who wants to sacrifice their life instead of a family member’s life, for district 12. That is all I can tell you now. If you are interested in this book or are hanging off of a cliff hanger, you can come get this book in the library. Go to the Science Fiction corner of the library and look to find the book under C. I will be back to tell you about another book in the library that I think is a good book.

Clubs at TK Stone

*Game Club: Supervised by Mr. Grossman in the library, Game Club meets Tuesdays (and sometimes Thursdays) and competes in various games, including but not limited to, the annual X-Box Football Tournament, Chess Tournaments, PlayStation2 games, Twister and LEGOs.

*News Crew: Without News Crew, you wouldn't be reading this newsletter right now. The news crew is one of the funnest clubs, as you help spread school spirit through announcements, inform TK Stone students of upcoming events, and help point people deciding on a good Middle School in the right direction.

*The CITY: Headed by Joshua Sumrall and supervised by Mrs. Sullivan, The CITY*** is a weekly Bible study that studies on different topics every few weeks (currently, they are studying the Book of John), and seeing how they can be applied to a modern, Christian life in the youth. ***The CITY stands for "Christ in the Youth".

Soldier X: A Book Review by Isaiah Smith

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a Nazi? Well this book truly is that book, I believe this book is for everyone. Its not just adventures but also it is a bit of a mystery. A 16 year old boy is forced to go to war in World War 2; he sees how intolerant people can be just because of their religion and where they are from. I hope you enjoy this book if you read it!

Mammoth Cave: Chelsea Priddy and Isaiah Smith

Recently our 7th graders here at T.K. Stone took a field trip to Mammoth Cave to observe how two very different ecosystems work. The 7th grade students went once through the week of March on the 4th through the 8th. The students observed and learned about biotic and abiotic factors, rocks minerals, soil, karst, erosion, chemicals and physical weathering, fossils, sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous, limestone, sandstone, producers and consumers, etc. The requirements to attend the trip were a signed permission slip and a fee of $10, which was due on Friday, February 2nd. The lunch the students had the choice of either bringing their lunch (which included a drink), or purchasing a sack lunch from the school (when they bought the lunch they were provided a milk). If they had enough time, the kids whom brought money were allowed to go to the gift shop for souvenirs.

Along with Mrs. Weber (the seventh grade science teacher) was Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Ballard, a couple parent chaperons, and Mr. Grossman. Mrs. Weber has gone on the trip and chaperoned this trip over 30 times!

The reason all of the 7th graders didn’t attend the trip at once than spreading the trip out over 5 days was for many reasons. One of the reasons for that is that would be a very large amount of students, and many of the teachers believe that the students won’t learn as much in a large group. Another reason is that the workers at Mammoth Cave would have a difficult time trying to handle all of the children at once.

The majority of the 7th grade students whom attended this trip enjoyed it very much and would love to attend it again.

Friday Focus: Steven Hof

Hi everybody, I’m back. Do you guys know what the choices are for Friday Focus? Well, I guess some of you do not know the choices for Friday Focus. Well let us see. We have Language Arts Enrichment, Math Enrichment, Science Enrichment, Social Studies Enrichment, Study Hall, I believe we still have the reading, and for the people who are in News Crew, we have the News Crew option. The enrichments are sort of educational games to help you learn more. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We also have Tutoring and Homework. In homework, you will be put in there automatically by the teachers you are missing an assignment for. Tutoring is a option where you get one-on-one help from a teacher who teaches a subject you are doing poorly in and can help you with the lessons that you think are hard for you to do. Study Hall is where you can learn by yourself and practice for upcoming tests, do some homework for another class, or if you are finished with whatever you are doing in there, you can read.

Testing Teams

Testing Teams are a new thing at TK this year. Testing Teams are groups that are picked by teachers according to people who work well in their class. They are decided after the first nine weeks of school, and then they meet for the first time and get their TTSs (Testing Team Shirts). The groups are used when State Testing occurs (hence the Testing part), and at the end of the year on Field Day (hence the Team part). They also meet variously throughout the year, discussing topics such as long term goals, what it means to be a friend, and how to show Panther Pride.

Thanks for reading the first issue of The Panther Claw!

About the "Authors"

These articles are created and compiled by the TK Stone News Crew under the supervision of School Librarian, David Grossman.