Come to Texas!

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The wide open spaces of Texas have the perfect amount of rainfall, which is perfect for growing crops such as: sugar cane, corn, cotton and other crops for food. We also be settling by the Colorado River which is a great source of water.

Land grants and amount and pricing for extra land

The settlers who are farmers, receive one labor or 177 acres. Those who raise cattle receive 4,428 acres. Land is 12.5 cents per acre.


The food in Texas is the freshest in the U.S. We have fish in the streams and plenty of animals in the forest to hunt and then cook. You can also gather wild berries and nuts if you would rather.


The colonists that choose to immigrate with us, will live in log cabins or dog-runs. These houses are made from the finest Timber in the forest. Once you walk into this house, its warmer than ever with the fireplace. Texas also has material like tree moss and corn tusks, to create soft and comfortable mattresses.


The colonists that immigrate with us must be Catholic or become Catholic.