Digital Compass Reflection

By:Giuliana Silvestri

Did you find that you played with the positive or negative choices first? Why? What lessons stood out to you, and how do they apply to your own life?

I played with the more positive choices first because I think that even in the most sticky situations there is always hope and the choice to be positive. Some lessons that stood out to me were Insta- Slammed and Kung- Fu Fibber. These connect to my life one because I have an instagram and two because there will most likely be people are always going to laugh at you but what witch direction you choose to take because of that is very important.

Were there any characters or situations that prompted you to think twice about particular digital behaviors? How so? Which lessons would you pass along to a younger sibling or friend?

In Sticky Situation I realized that we all could be more cautious of our passwords and the information we share about ourselves online. When on social media or anything online it is important not to share personal information about you or others. It is also important to always read before you agree to anything online.

Why is the digital world filled with so many ups and downs? What do you think are the best opportunities? What are the pitfalls that you and your peers need to watch out for?

I think the digital world is filled with so many ups and downs because technology makes it so much easier to get to people. It helps bring the world closer together but can have its downs. Some things we have to watch out for are cyber-bullying, identity theft, and many more.