North Vs. South

By James M. per.7

The south`s Geography

The south was from Maryland to Florida, and extended from the Atlantic cost west to Louisiana and Texas. The North had nice long seasons and had long rain falls, which helped the the planting season. The southern crops were tobacco, corn, rice, and sugarcane,

The North`s geography

The north was from Main to Iowa. The north`s climate was freezing winters and hot humid summers, but most of the time its very cold. The north had very thick forests and many lakes and oceans.

The South`s economy

The south`s economy was based on agriculture. The south manly had farms and plantations. Soon the cotton gin was made and the whole economy was even bigger.Soon cotton was the biggest export of the US, which made a lot of money.

The South`s transportation

The south's transportation was manly steam boats due to the large amounts of rivers and swamps, but also it was the cheep was to transport goods because of how slow it is to carry cargo it took a while. But there were some tracks also to transport goods, and were a little bit more money and a lot faster. This help the north and the south a lot.

The North`s Economy

As the south used the cotton gin the north used fast flowing streams to power textile mills, which created a new class of workers. They were called industrialists. Soon they found out that steam engines to power factories anywhere in the world. After a while some jobs started to pay less due to all the improvements.

The North's Transportation

The north's transportation relied manly on rail roads. They had more than 20000 miles of track. This was one of the best way to go in the north. But, river was still the best way to go. Soon, steamboats were even beater because of the use a steam engine in the boat.

The South`s Society

The south`s society was like a triangle, because of the social class. Rich were on top and slaves were on the bottom. But, a small group of people would be able to get a education. So a lot of people would have a hard time getting a high paying job.But, they did not have as hard of time as freed african americans would have to where badges yo go anywhere or they would be brought back to the slave owner who freed he or she freed, or they would have to pay taxes. The houses in the south were all spreed out threw out the south.

The North`s Society

The north`s society was not rich or powerful. The north`s houses were manly in city`s that were not very clean, and were very crowded so many diseases spreed out very rapidly. But that was not the end, because it was not uncommon to see wild hogs going threw the streets, because of all the trash and junk on the ground. Then the north and the south were soon full of immigrants coming to the US due to revolutions, and famines. So many people left there homes and stuff in there country`s and there life`s. But when they got here they had little to no money so they were very poor.