It's a Numbers Game!

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Deep Thoughts

For those of us who are in this to make some money I wanted to share one thing I’ve given thought to recently and that is personal volume. When starting out and building a team this is where you are going to get your biggest return. You will earn 25-35% on your commissionable volume (75% of PV), not taking into account your Band of Beauty members orders where you receive 20% commission. At some point during your business growth the earnings from your personal volume should be balanced out by what you are earning from your team. The beauty of BC’s compensation plan is that they designed it to have the biggest earning potential through several channels, PV, BV, and teammate promotions. Ultimately this creates a well-balanced business and is crucial to long-term success assuming you want to grow this as a business. If you are in this alone and want to make this a business it will get hard to get past a certain point relying only on your PV and burn out is likely to happen.

I’m sure there are statistics out there, but I don’t feel there is a perfect timeline on how fast you need to build your business. I will say now and often that there are multiple ways to run this business and be successful, so take all the advice and utilize or tweak it for your own personal needs. Sometimes hearing it all can be a bit overwhelming, but take a deep breath. I don’t think I’ve left a meeting yet not to have the thought, “Gosh darn, I’ve been doing this business all wrong.” Haha! I always hear new tips and ideas, some that I put on my list to try and others I toss out.

I’ve realized and have said to many of you that this business is truly a numbers game. The more people you get in front of the better your chances for obtaining clients and team members. The reality and one of the hard parts of this is hearing “no” or “not right now”. It is never easy, but remember that you never know what might happen with those no’s in the future. Sometimes people just need time to mull it over and take the leap on their own terms.

So in terms of a numbers game, how do you do it? Think socials, 1:1’s and face kits. This means you are getting in front of new people and opening up your network, which allows you to get out of your warm market. It’s important to build a good customer base, which will help with your PV, but also allow you to find people that fall in love with your products, become regular customers and in turn spokespeople for Beautycounter. Not everyone needs to be consultant. You also want some great loyal customers. Once you get those customers, treat them well and check in on them (follow up). Here’s the nurse in me, but build the rapport and get to know them if they aren’t someone you already know well. Set your goal for monthly socials, 1:1’s and face kits and try to meet that every single month.

Always remember your why and don’t be afraid to talk about what you do and what we are about. Keep it fun and always remember that I am here for you. If you want monthly chats/meetings let me know. Happy Holidays and let me know if you have any questions.



Tara Woodland Educator, Executive Director