Farewell from Mr Garrett

After two years at the Integrated International School, Mr Garrett will be returning back home to the United States of America. He wishes to forward a farewell message to his students, who he has loved teaching. We will miss Mr Garrett very much and wish him all the success in the world!

Mr Garrett:

It is sad for me to say goodbye to all of the wonderful students and amazing teachers that I have had the pleasure of getting to know at Integrated International School. I have felt a warm and welcome feeling upon my very first day to my last and can't thank each and everyone involved enough for an incredible experience. I'll always remember the students unbelievable efforts in putting together the End of Year Performances, their musical talents I witnessed during my music classes, and their ability to always bring a smile to my face. I am very proud in the growth and successes, now and in the future, of each student and wish the IIS community all the best!