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Amanda Pomeroy's R+F Newsletter: March '15

Happy Spring Time, Everyone!

Gah! It's almost the end of March already! So much going on, I know this is a busy time - but there have been SO many incredible product success stories this month, I HAVE to share!!

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My Favorite News this Month...

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Please Welcome My Newest Business Partner: Wendy Everett Silver!

This is big. I'm SO incredibly excited to welcome Wendy to my team. Wendy is a full time career woman with a VERY big life. Rodan + Fields is a "nook and cranny" business and she knows she can live her life AND create a strong financial under current for herself...in her spare time.

I've known Wendy for years and she's absolutely dazzling. Wendy is passionately pursuing her own fiancial goals AND is committed to helping other women in her life secure their financial futures as well. With R+F she'll get to kick a$$ and look great doing it! She's gorgeous, inside and out, and she has joined forces with a brand and company that will enable her to build something truly incredible for herself.

Wendy, this is JUST the beginning...

Allergies? Hives? You've met your match!

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This is my friend and fellow consultant, Kristina: "Yesterday I woke up with crazy hives adorning my chest. I put some SOOTHE Treatment on those suckers and headed to my Beyoncé dance class... About 4 1/2 hours later they (along with the insane itching) were gone!!

When I have a colony of hives this bad they usually stick around for a few days (and so does the itching)... NOT this time!! So long, suckers!!"

Sun Damage? Reverse to the Rescue...

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Reverse + Macro + Eye Cream = INCREDIBLE RESULTS...

Here's what Daniela has to say about her journey back from the baby oil days: "Thanks to the 80's and baby oil...I have my fair share of sun damage, including brown spots and wrinkles. These are my 4 month results using REVERSE, MACRO-E, and EYE CREAM.

The photos were taken with my iPhone in front of a window. And there's no photo-shop here people - in both photos you can see every pore, wrinkle, and imperfection on my skin. Yikes! I'm really putting myself out there because these products WORK! I purposely photographed the left side of my face in all the photos since that is where most of my sun damage is. I am also purposely smiling to show my smile lines and track results. I still have some stubborn spots but I am ECSTATIC about my results! I saw improvement at 30 and 60 days but the MAGIC really started at the 90-120 days.

I am now transitioning to the REDEFINE with the AMP MD and will post those results in a few months."

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Reverse + 3 Months later...

From Katie Daley, another fellow consultant: "The results in this photo are from using the Reverse Regimen. I just recently started the Redefine Regimen, with the AMP MD Roller, Redefine Night Renewing Serum, and Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream. I am excited to continue to see improving results."

Sensitive Skin? We've Got You Covered!

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From fellow consultant, Jill Pasani Ball: "I decided for this transformation Tuesday, that I would post my own personal Rodan + Fields results..totally Out of my comfort zone, but I am so grateful for the confidence these products have given me. Great for eczema and babies too!"

My Dear Friend and Mentor: Jen Dede Kelly!!

Jen is murdering this business. I'm so incredibly inspired. Please read the article that Rodan+Fields insisted on writing about her - this woman is absolutely building an empire...and she's teaching me everything she knows...


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Until Next Month...

Thank you so much for your support! Please reach out if you have any questions about your products!

And, as always, referrals will always mean free gifts for you!!

Thank you again.

Here's the best skin of your life,

Amanda P.