My Family review

by Kay

A little bit about me

i'm 13 years old i will be 14 years old in the summer and i like changing my hair by coloring it all different colors, i have so far 3 piercings and i'm getting more till i have 14 and my two girl best friends are chyenne and sam and my guy best friend is demetriad..
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Family Bio

my family dinner night

we go to red lobster and bww and we were eating and this girl across from us was drunk dancing on the tables and her and her friend had a food fight.

My really good friend chyenne's bio

she is mean when she wants to be, she is pretty and nice to people when she wants to, she loves to be herself,her favorite sport is soccer, she is 12 years old. she loves red lobster.

my favorite song

B-e-a-utiful- Megan Nicole (Original Song) (lyrics)