Animal Training

By: Mercy Souders

Animal Training Pros


  • They get to work w/ animals and for animal lovers that would be great.
  • They get to work away from the typical office setting like in barns, kennels, or zoos and aquariums.
  • Animal training is an industry that keeps growing.
  • There are many openings for this job since it is still growing.

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  • Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Soil and Plant scientists

Best Colleges for Animal Training

  • Ohio State University- $29,700 per year in state $67,538 out of state per year
  • University of Florida- $28,591 out of state per year $6,313 in state per year

Salary Range and Activities

Salary Range-

  • The salary range for this job is (National, Texas) $26,510.


  • Something you could do to help out to prepare you for your job as an animal trainer is volunteer at an animal shelter.

Job Outlook

In animal training there is lots of things you do. For starters you help train animals hints the name Animal Trainer. You can train animals almost anywhere in the world, and there are lots of choices on how. You could train the animals for a circus or you could possibly be training them for zoo's or parks like SeaWorld. Maybe you could just be training horses for horse races, you could also be a dog trainer or basically any type of pet trainer that either trains the animals for helping disabled people or police. There is also the choice of being an animal trainer that just trains animals for competitions.