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Jens Erik Hedemann Møller

Two places i would like to visit?

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I kinda dislike traveling, but if i have to Canada would be among my top choices, mostly because i have alot of relatives there, i have met most of them, but only when they have visited Denmark, so it would be kinda fun to visit Canada for a change.
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Renton in the USA, Wiards of the Coast headquarters to be excact.

I would first of all like to visit the USA, but more specifically Renton, WotC are the creators of MTG, the best game of all time, and for two thousand dollars or something like that, you can get a tour of their headquarters, and get to meet the whole staff, which i would very much like to, because it's always fun to meet the man behind the game.

My dream job?(WARNING!! It is very nerdy)

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My dream job would to be a professional gamer, and/or game designer, the two are very often mixed together, i just always thought; if you do something that makes you happy, then why not get paid to do it?

Three things i wanna do before i die.