5th Grade ALP

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Highlights of the Advanced Programming and Robotics Course

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Making Shapes

We took a deep dive into geometry and the connection between turn angles and wheel rotations that must be programmed in order to make different shapes using the LEGO robot. We found the internal and external angles and calculated them for any type of regular polygon. Then, we used that information to predict the number of rotations for a square, triangle, hexagon, and octagon. We tested our estimations with the robots and recorded our actual findings. Some students went on to attempt making other shapes with their robots, like a decagon, dodecagon, and even an icositetragon (24 sides).
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Graphing Distances

The student programmers completed an experiment to measure how far the robots can travel using different time values. They were assigned the power level to use and tested the distance the robot could travel in the varying time values. We then graphed our findings using a scatterplot and analyzed the relationship between the distance traveled and the time taken. After discussion, the class concluded that there is a linear relationship between the two.
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The Wave

Students succeeded with the challenge of working as a whole class to be able to program the robots to do a classroom wave, much like the ones that you see the audience do at the stadium. Students brainstormed which sensors they could use, what actions to have the robots do, and how the timing would work. It took a few times to get it right, but you can see the final Robot Wave below!

The Dance

These robotics experts worked in teams of two and three to create a dance for their robot to do and then had their robot perform it for the class. Students picked their songs and then brainstormed "dance moves" to match the beat and rhythm of the song. Check out the creative robot dances below!

Questions to ask your child:

  • What was your favorite aspect of the Advanced Programming and Robotics course? Why?
  • Can you describe a time that challenged you to think creatively during this course?
  • Can you describe to me how you worked as a team member?
  • How has your leadership grown? What do you still need to work on as a team member and a leader?
  • Name your favorite moment during the course!
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Next Courses

  • Math Olympiads/Mathletics (December 18th-February 26th)
  • Advanced Forensics (March 5th-May 14th)