Gage Community School Connection

December 12, 2017 Edition

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All of our 2nd Grade students went to see the Nutcracker Ballet on Friday, December 8th! Our music teacher, Mrs. Bjorgaard went along! Students practiced being good audience members and got to see the music that they studied come to life!

Gator Camp Read S'More

We had such a fun night camping with our Gator Families! All of our stations - even the food! - was camping themed while we practiced reading and writing with our families! All of our guests left with a book to continue their reading practice at home!

Student Council Service

Our student council members gave back to our Gage community by ringing bells at Fareway and HyVee on Friday, December 8th. They did such a great job representing our school!
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Resource Room Needs

Immediate Needs at Gage:

  • Size 5 boys snow boots
  • Large (12/14) boys snow pants
  • Size 6 boys snow boots
  • Medium (10/12) girls snow pants
  • Gloves/Mittens - all sizes

A list of needed items for all 3 Rochester Community School Sites (including Gage!) can be found here:

Ordering through Amazon will allow the items to be sent straight to us!

Kindergarten Community Visitors!

Our kindergarten classes have hosted and learned from lots of Community Leaders and Helpers over the last few weeks! Guests included Superintedent Munoz, Caitlin Alexander from KTTC, Mayor Brede, and Justin Stoll from United Way.

Principal's Message:

How do we monitor student progress?

There are many methods that are used to monitor student progress at Gage. When looking at student progress we often are looking at two elements - growth and proficiency. Teachers monitor student growth in math and reading by analyzing student scores on the NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) test in math and reading, given to students in the fall, winter, and spring. This test helps students see how they, personally, are making progress. NWEA is not a school accountability test, instead it measures a student’s growth from one period of time in the school year to another period of time.

Another test that is given to students monitors proficiency, and it is a school accountability test, and that is the MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) test. It is given for math, reading, and science proficiency. In elementary, grades 3, 4 & 5 take the MCA test for reading and math proficiency in the spring. In 5th grade, students also take the science MCA to test for proficiency in science as well. The MCA tests continue into middle school and high school for math, reading, and science as well.

Teachers also monitor student progress by providing whole group and small group lessons for students in the classroom, providing math and reading support services for those students who need extra support with their skills in those areas, providing English Language services for students who need language support, special education services for those who qualify through evaluation, and GATE (gifted and talented education) for those students who show accelerated progress beyond their grade level instruction in reading and math.

There are many ways that we monitor student progress on a daily basis at Gage. If you ever have questions about your student’s academic progress, please feel free to contact the school and we will connect you with someone to help answer your questions.

Nichole Bergerson


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 12:

  • Wendy's Night 5:00-7:00

Wednesday, December 13:

Thursday, December 14:

  • 4th Grade Engineering Club during lunch
  • Fit Family Event - Basketball! 5:00-6:00

Friday, December 15:

  • Gage Gallopers 8:00-8:45

Monday, December 18:

  • Bauer & Riedemann to Quarry Hill
  • 2nd & 4th Grade Girl Scouts during lunch

Tuesday, December 19:

  • 3rd & 5th Grade Girl Scouts during lunch

Wednesday, December 20:

Thursday, December 21:

  • Gator Gathering (Family Breakfast) 8:00-8:45
  • Lounds & Ailts to Quarry Hill
  • 4th Grade Engineering Club during lunch
  • 5th Grade Family Events 10:30 & 1:30

Friday, December 22:

  • Gage Gallopers 8:00-8:45
  • 2nd Grade Gingerbread houses 2:00