Electronic Student Planner Options

If students are struggling with organization, consider these

Google Calendar--everyone in Parkway has access to it.

*If the teacher posts in a teacher created assignment calendar that is shared publicly in Google, their students can copy the teacher's events/assignments into their own calendars.

*Students can create their own planner in Calendar. See the presentation below, "Getting Started in Google Calendar." (All teachers and students should watch this :-))

*Teachers, you will lose access to Groupwise calendars as we transition to G-Mail during the next year, and if a new website platform is chosen, Edline calendars could be going away too if/when this changeover occurs.

Getting Started in Google Calendar Click on the link.

myHomework app


myHomework is the leading cross-platform student planner. It syncs across devices, so users can easily access classes and assignments anytime and anywhere.

Available for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets/Kindle, Android phones, Macs, and Chromebooks.

On a recent survey

93% of students prefer myHomework to their paper planner from the prior year.

The free version (with ads) offers the following...

  • Students can quickly add their homework, tests, and projects.
  • Students can be reminded when their assignments are due.
  • Students can easily enter their class times. The app supports time, block, and period schedules.
  • The app store apps work offline and syncs when Internet connections are available.

The ad free version costs $4.99 in app stores

Schools can offer myHomework ad-free to their students for an average cost of $3.50 per student per year.