Constitutional Era and Federal Era

Jorge E. Guarneros

Shays Rebellion

Shays Rebellion was an act of many protests in 1786 to 1787. The protests were American farmers who did not agree with the state and local enforcement with there tax collections and judgment of debt. The rebellion took its name from its symbolic leader, Daniel Shays from Massachusetts. He was a former captain in the Continental army.

XYZ Affair

IT was a political and diplomatic thing during the 1797 and 1798, where John Adams had a confrontation between the united states and the Republican France which lead to a war called the Quasi War

Whiskey Rebellion

Tax protest in the United States that is known as Whiskey Rebellion or the whiskey Insurrection. It began in the 1791 during the presidency of George Washington. IT was the first tax on domestic product by the newly formed federal government.