To provide superior Career and Technical Education enabling all students to achieve their aspirations.

CTE Prime

There are several ways we can reinforce the power of our CTE Programs. This week I want to highlight a few events, captured below, that represent best practices. Please remember that we improve by sharing and duplicating the great work we are doing. If the greater community is unclear on what we do and how we are different from the other schools, I want us all to feel responsible and think about how we can change that perception. The work we are doing is impressive. Let's keep pushing and striving to take NCCVT to incredible heights!

Weekly Brief

1. I observed 4 teachers this week at each of the four schools to evaluate DOE's revised DPAS II rubric. I believe the ultimate goal is to put greater emphasis on instruction and the classroom environment.

2. One thing to consider as we conduct our walkthroughs is to specifically look for practices that are considered highly effective. If you need to grow in this area, visit John Hattie & Robert Marzano.

3. Our annual career advisory meetings have started. This is critical for our career area success. Special thanks to Jack and Colleen and the assistant principals making these meetings productive.

4. Check out this great resoure, Tallo. We are taking some initial steps to determine how we can use this for our students. Delcastle ran through a trial and so far is very impressed.

Up Ahead: Final 5

1. This is our final week of school prior to break. Please stay focused and continue to push hard and finish strong. Our tendency is to let up and relax a little prior to break, but that's the wrong approach and attitude. The greater the consistency and structure till break the better. Also limit classroom holiday parties and celebrations to the last day and keep them at a respectable level. I know many career areas have decades of tradition, but we don't want to forego excellent supervision. Also, we need to always remember to be sensitive to the diversity in our schools.

2. Board meeting at Howard. This is Kyle's first as Principal of Howard!

Take the Time to Climb: Principle C -- Communication

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” ~Brene Brown

Big picture

Going Beyond...

I'm a huge fan of Brene Brown. The bottom line is she is real and raw. If you haven't read her work or listened to her Ted Talk, don't let another day go by. She is an expert on vulnerability and tackles the topic of leadership from a very unique lens.

One thing I want to incorporate in our organization is something I learned from her called, paint done.

Paint done • Painting done means not just assigning a task, but explaining the reason— clarifying how the end product will be used and what done truly looks like. • Providing color and context—the purpose, not just the mechanics. • Sharing the reason for a task helps uncover stealth expectations and stealth intentions, cultivates commitment and contribution, and facilitates growth and learning.

Important Dates

  • Board meeting at Howard--16th
  • Hodgson football championship breakfast--19th