MARCH 2016


Third grade Solar System research project was a huge success. The children learned that our Solar System is an amazing place. Not only is it home to eight planets, it also holds several dwarf planets, hundreds of moons, and thousands of stars and asteroids.

Third graders at Denton Avenue worked in Research Clubs, working collaboratively to gather information, sort this information into categories and apply all of the strategies they have learned about reading informational texts and writing to learn. As researchers students became experts, they were eager to share information they learned. Next, third graders turned their research into a writing project, at the same time as they were engaged in this work in reading workshop. Students began sharing their knowledge with reports, graphic organizers and presentations. Teachers guided students through the unit utilizing many skills, tools and specific nonfiction reading mastery. What a great SUCCESS!

Denton Visits Our High School

On Wednesday, March, 9th, Sara Kamali's first graders along with, Art Teacher, Nicole Metthe, took a field trip to the High School to do a workshop with Jennifer Cavalluzzo's Drawing and Painting class. The High School students have been working on a collaborative project for a few weeks that was inspired by the artwork of Mica Angela Hendricks and Fred Giovannitti. The high school artists guided our first graders in the creation of their own unique art project, mirroring the style and themes of these artists. Both the high school students and their new first grade friends enjoyed the opportunity to work together and create beautiful art!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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True Meaning of Music & the Arts

When a musician plays a note by itself, it is just a sound. When a musician plays a series of notes, it becomes a melody. But when several musians play together, a composition of melody and harmony fill the space with music.

As it is with visual artists. When an artist creates a shape, it is just an element: a series of shapes becomes a pattern. But when several artists create together a mosaic is composed.

In the art studio, our Denton Avenue first and second graders created this mosaic of clay tiles to fill the space of Mr. Bligh's band room. They layered shapes and color, patterns and texture to represent the rhythm and movement of MUSIC.

Upcoming Events

Wed., 3/30 Family Life Presentation, Parents Grades 4 & 5 - 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

Thurs., 3/31 PTA Spring Picture Day

Thurs., 3/31 Incoming Kindergarten Language Immersion Parent Meeting - 6:45-7:45 p.m.

4/5-4/7 NYS ELA Assessments, grades 3-5

4/13-4/15 NYS Math Assessments, grades 3-5

Please join us on Wednesday, April 20th for the Denton PTA Dinner Dance Fundraiser.

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