How She Croaked


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Who was Pocahontas?

Matoaka was Pocahontas' name in early life, later on she was known as Amonute. As an Algonquian speaking Virginia Indian, she had several names for different context. She was born in Virginia in 1596, no record of an actual day of birth. She lived in Tidewater, Virginia but what was known as Tsenacommacah. Her father was Chief Powhatan, her mother's identity is unknown. Since she was the chief's daughter, that made her an Indian princess. She is known for being the peacemaker between the Englishmen and the Indians and helping the Englishmen with the basic needs of survival.

History of Pocahontas.

Pocahontas was an Indian Princess who threw herself in front of John Smith from being killed by her father and his men. Her father allowed him not to die, but only if Smith agreed to not let anyone else into their land. Smith obliged, but he was lying, about a million others came into their land after this incident. Pocahontas became the tribal peacemaker at only eleven years old and she helped the Englishmen with their basic needs of survival. When Smith left two years later to return back to his homeland, he didn't thank Pocahontas for helping him. That infuriated Pocahontas so she stopped helping the Englishmen because they were clearly unappreciative of her doings. When she stopped helping and being the peacemaker, who was there to stop the fighting? No one, so the fighting ensued. Now, upsetting the English, they wanted their guns back. Chief Powhatan refused and as a reaction, Pocahontas was kidnapped and held hostage. Chief Powhatan would not trade arms for hostages, so she was never returned. They moved her to their colony to be civilized. They baptized her and named her Lady Rebecca. She married a man by the name John Rolfe and they had a son named Thomas. Rolfe had inherited all of Pocahontas' promised land because the Indian tradition was all men married to the Princess or heiress received their land, regardless if the heiress was kidnapped. Rolfe used the land and planted tobacco, making them a fairly wealthy family.
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How did Pocahontas 'croak'?

Considering she lived in the 1600's, the doctor:patient ratio at the time was 1:8,000, so when Pocahontas was admitted to the hospital there's no records that even show a doctor had seen her to try and help. Historians say she either died of Tuberculosis or pneumonia. She was only twenty-one years old.
Death of Pocahontas

How is the disease treated today?

Tuberculosis you must take antibiotics for six to nine months and several medications at once. Those medications are Sonizad, Rifampin, Ethambutol, and Pyrazinmide. Pneumonia antibiotics are used, but depending on your age, symptoms, etc, your doctor chooses the antibiotic.

Interesting Information.

  • There are three million descendants of Pocahontas in England, the U.S, and all over.
  • The Disney movie portrays the wrong story. The movie is believed to have put falsified information in there to make the Englishmen look better.
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  • Idyllic - extremely happy, peaceful.
  • Pocahontas - spoiled brat.
  • John Smith - English settler who tried taking over Pocahontas' tribes land, founder of Jamestown, Virginia.
  • John Rolfe - Known for tobacco production, Pocahontas' husband.
  • Maize - corn