Theories of Ageing

Social and Activity Disengament

Social Disengagement can lead to losing contact with family members, friends and other close people to you, usually staying at home not wanting to go outside, staying inside watching TV or sleeping most of the days. Becoming more anti social can lead to shyness of speaking to other people for an example you go to the doctor and he will ask you questions you might end up not answering his questions that he will not know how to help you. The theory was formulated by Cumming and Henry 1961 inside the book growing old and it was the first theory of ageing that social scientists developed.

Activity disengagement can lead less active life when you're meaning you will need support from other people for such as personal care, less wanting to join in activities with other people that involve using physical strength or moving. Getting putted maybe in the care home not staying at your home any more because you can't take care of yourself any more, that you need support. The activity disengagement was developed by Robert J. Havighurst as a response to the disengagement theory of ageing.