The Prugh Crew

Week of April 1st

Learning Objectives

Spelling Words

ring, your, been, maybe, later, jar, start, shark, far, card

Word Family: -ar (bossy r)

Grammar: antonyms


We will continue our Doreen Cronin author study using her books: Diary of a Worm, Diary of a Spider, and Diary of a Fly. We will compare these books with non-fiction books about these same animals.


We will be writing in our own diary all week from the perspective of a tiny creature.


We will continue learning about fractions this week.


We will explore cause and effect using magnets all week.


**STAAR Closed Campus Days**

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 2 & 3 - NO visitors or volunteers on campus!

Tuesday, April 2nd - Field Trip Permission Slips Go Home

Friday, April 5th - Texas Legends McGowen night

Thursday, April 18th - Field Trip to the Perot Museum

**STAAR Closed Campus Days**

April 2 & 3 and April 23rd & 24 - NO visitors or volunteers on campus due to testing.

Moby Math & iStation

Moby Math Link - 30 minutes per week

username: first and last initial

password: bluefish

iStation - 30 minutes per week

You will need to download iStation to your home computer.