Tiffany's Treasured Team Newsletter

Celebrating your November and December 2015

WOO HOO!!!! We did it!!! We finished 2015!!! What accompishments ladies!!!!

As we have wrapped up 2015 well, we will say hello to 2016 with a new Catalog and new opportunities!!!

Are you ladies excited? I am!!! Let's enjoy the ride!

How did we do???

Treasured Team November PV $10,864

Tiffany's November Downline PV $23,136

Treasured Team December PV $15,224.81

Tiffany's December Downline $26.280.85

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Tiffany's Stats

November PV was $1,386 holding 2 parties

December PV was $3400.39 holding 3 parties.

Team Office Hours are Monday-Friday 2:30 PM-5:30 PM or by appt.

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These Girls Rocked November and December!!! Way to go ladies!!!

Mara Daiker NOV $2,851

Jenny Kuchta NOV PV $2,202

Allison Stauss NOV PV $1,437

Jenny Kuchta DEC PV $3,338.43

Mara Daiker DEC PV $1,681.00

Holly Miller DEC PV $1,006.00

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Awesome Job Party Girls!!!! You are working it!!!


Mara Daiker 3

Jenny Kuchta 2

Allison Stauss 2


Jenny Kuchta 3

Mara Daiker 2

Nicole Blei 2

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Consistency pays off!!! You ROCK!!!

Mara Daiker has earned all of her Start Swell Bonuses as well!!!

November Level 2

December Level 3

Angie Mielke

December Level 4

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These Girls had over $500 in December PV! Awesome Job Ladies!

Michelle Gummer $923.88

Nicole Blei $819.88

Kelly Kreul $706.92

Erin Blome $668.00

Angie Meilke $645.84

Kelli Dixon $560.92

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These girls had over $200 in November and December PV! WOO HOO!


Nicole Blei $471

Kelli Dixon $467

Rachael Hasby $433

Angie Mielke $427

Kimberlee Bartell $324

Jamie Diplaris $252

Michelle Gummer $210


Allison Stauss $408.87

Rachael Hasby $357.96

Erica Lawrence $206.00

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Happy Anniversary Kelli Dixon 11/3/14 and Kimberlee Bartell 12/17/14!! Blessed to have you on the team!