Morris News

Week of April 20 - 24

Botanical Gardens Field Trip

We will be taking another field trip this year! We will be going to the Missouri Botanical Gardens on May 14th. We will need cleared volunteer chaperones for the trip. Be watching for a flyer to come home later this week.


We have begun to research Famous Places for our final research project of 2nd grade. We will spend the rest of our time together learning about rocks, soil, simple machines, and magnets, as they relate to our earth and the famous place that each student chose. There are several books in class that the students have access to in order to do their research. They are encouraged to do additional research from home if they have access to the internet, or the public library. I have added a website list to each student's Google Drive account. They can access that by doing the following;
Sign onto Google Drive
To sign into their account they need to type:
username: (their first initial, full last name, and last 3 digits of their student/lunch number)
password: fh123636 (fh in lower case, their full student/lunch number)
Students can access our Classroom account, or from Home they can go into "Shared with me" and they will find the website list.

Other websites that can be safely used for research are: EBSCO. Go to Searchasaurus. also may have some famous places. The username and password for that is castlio/school.
I will be posting other information and assignments to this google account, so please help your child to become an expert at signing in. They will use this a lot in third grade and throughout their Francis Howell career.

Rocks! Rocks! Rocks!

Each student needs to bring in 3 rocks by Friday. The rocks should be brought in in a baggie labeled with your child's name. The rocks should be found, not purchased. They need to be smaller than the palm of their hand. Try to find different sizes, shapes, or types of rocks. We will be using these rocks to do experiments Friday and next week.

St John's Bank

A lady from St. John's bank is coming to speak with our 2nd graders about saving money, making money, and investing money. She is coming this Friday and will meet with every 2nd grader.

The "Rock" guy

Someone will be coming from Weldon Springs to talk with the students about rocks later this month.