5 Types of Drugs

By Jonah Grills


  • Stimulants speed up brain function.
  • They also increase levels of catecholamine.
  • one example of this drug is caffeine.
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Narcotics have alkaloids which is a harmful poison.

They also this drug is so powerful that an overdose can kill the subject.

One example of this drug is Marijuana.

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  • Inhalants starve body of oxygen and cause heart to beat more rapidly.
  • This type of drug relaxes or relieves stress but is deadly.
  • One type of this drug is spray paint.
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  • Depressants calm nerves and relax muscles.
  • Very large doses of depressants can slow breathing to the point of death.
  • One type of this drug is tranquilizers.
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  • Hallucinogens alter the users reality and senses.
  • These also change a persons personality.
  • One example of this drug are mushrooms.
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