WWI Notes

By DeMarcus Johnson

2 Viewpoints During the 1890's

Isolationist: Felt that the u.s should not get involved in world affairs

Expansionists: Felt that the U.S needed to expand its empire to create markets for the new products being produced during the Industrial Revolution. And the Expansionists won.

Ocean Area's

In the America the Beautiful song it says from seas to shinning sea, meaning the U.S expanded from sea to sea.When the U.S trading with China the also wanted to include Japan. Although Japan wanted to stay away from the U.S, they decided to mess with the U.S. Then we wanted to mess with them sending a Commodore on a mission to japan to ask Japan to open 2 ports out of fear, which marked the beginning of Imperialism.

Seward's first Claim

William H.;the Secretary of State, saw america owning the Caribbean, Central America, and the Pacific. William Started with Alaska from Russia in 1867. After Congress purchased Alaska, William signed the treaty with Russia. People found natural resources like oil and gold. Alaska became a US Territory.