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February 15 - February 19, 2016

Week Activities: A Week

Monday, Feb. 15

-No School

Tuesday, Feb. 16

-McKimmey's Baby Shower @3:15 PM in the Cafeteria

Wednesday, Feb. 17

-Staff Meeting @3:15 PM in the Cafeteria

-Teachers ONLY - Click here to register for the Second Steps training

Thursday, Feb. 18

-Free Dress Day - 97% Attendance

-1/2 Day Purposeful Planning

-Head Start Dentist Visits (AM)

-Pizza Day

-Nichols Out PM - Nurse's Meeting @2:30 PM

-ICE Awards Ceremony @6:00 PM - Irving HS

Friday, Feb. 19

-Field Trips forms due to Maria

-Panda Parent Meeting @9:00 AM and 1:00 PM in the Cafeteria

Upcoming Dates:

  • Feb. 26 - End of 4th Six Weeks
  • Feb. 29 - Book Fair/Literacy Week/Open House
  • March 2 - Dr. Seuss's Birthday Celebration/Parade
  • March 7 - Spring Break begins

Important Info

Can you work the Pre K Discovery Festival on Saturday, March 19?

  • $25.00 per hour
  • The festival is from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. @ Singley
  • Thanks to everyone who has already emailed Ms. Dickson! I have you down on my list.
  • Email Ms. Dickson if you are interested in helping!

Austin Readers - 2 more classes needed!

Thank you to: Gonzalez-Karras, Mercado, Sanchez, Altamirano, and Li

Austin MS students are super excited to come and read to our students for the second semester of school! They will mostly be coming every other week at about 8:20-8:50 AM or so. I need SEVEN half-day classes to welcome our wonderful volunteers. Please email Mrs. Aquino if you are interested!

Remember, it's a great learning experience for the both age groups! :)

Have you ever needed to show something and needed to use your laptop at the same time?

Here's a trick!

  • On your keyboard, press: the Windows key (4 squares at the bottom) and the letter "P" at the same time.
  • Choose "Extend"--This will let the students watch what they need to without being interrupted.
  • To bring it back to normal, do the same thing and choose "Duplicate"

Have you ever needed to access a previous Smore?

No problem!

  • Every Smore will have my name on the side. Click on my name "Michelle Aquino" and it will let you view all of my Smores.


From Ana Delapena:

  • To my team for working so hard everyday for our kids
  • To Mrs Segovia for helping me to have everything ready in our classroom
  • To all teachers and assistant teachers for taking the time to make Brookdale residents happy with songs and little gifts
  • To Maria Coronado for the thoughts and quotes that she sends us every morning
  • To Mrs Trevizo for being a good cook and kind lady

From Aurora Orozco:

  • To Mrs. Aquino for being the best ITS and helping us complete our ICreate project. Thank you for taking care of my student during our visit.
  • To Mrs. Arista for all her help and dedication to our class.
  • To Mrs. Fleming and the Sunshine Committee. Great team!
  • To the Math SWAG team: Mrs. Vela, Mrs. Huckaby, Mrs. Altamirano, Mrs. Gonzalez-Karras. You know we rock! :P
  • To Karen Nichols: Almost done! J
  • Best of all to my Pierce friends! Pierce Pandas Rock! Enjoy your 3 day weekend.

From Maria Chavira:

  • To Mrs. Aquino for going above and beyond and helping us with our iCreate project and always having a smile on your face.
  • Ms. Lara for all your help with EVERYTHING.

From Kathleen Escobedo:

  • I would like to give a shout out to both Mrs. Fleming and Karen Nichols – from the bottom of my “heart” I thank you for your calm natures yet worrying furrows which shows how much you truly care. Thank you for always making things all right.

From Norma Yi:

  • Shout out to all the hard working staff who survived the Valentine Fun and Craziness!!!
  • Shout out to Ms. Belmonte who always makes me laugh and enjoy work life even more!!!
  • Shout out to Carolina for scouring the cafeteria fridge for the last white milk in the school!!! Thank you super much!!
  • Shout out to Mrs. Aquino for burning a CD for our Valentine program!!! What would we do without you???!!!!!!

From Yang Li:

  • A HUGE shout out to Mrs Aquino for taking extra time for our Icreate and turning them on time and still doing Story time!

  • A shout out to Mrs. Hernandez for taking my class to Brookdale!

  • Also to Maria Coronado and Sandra Morales for making the trip to Brookdale!

  • Thanks Ms Orozco for helping me with the party!

  • A Big Shoutout to Ms Dickson for getting us more resources for our classrooms!

  • A Gigantic Shout out to all Pierce Staff! Yall are awesome!!!!!!! I can’t imagine to work anywhere else!

From Karen Nichols:

  • To Orozco, Chavira, Shepherd-Keyes, Horn, Bucheli for their flexibility in letting me screen their classes on short notice.

  • To Lara for providing me with supplies when I left mine in the clinic.

  • A super shout out to Gonzalez-Karras and Luna for their INCREDIBLE flexibility and help-especially in the morning when I showed up at their door 40 minutes before dismissal asking if could screen their class.

  • To Jose for helping with announcements on Thursday!

From Marcela Montes:

  • To Michelle Martin for sharing her ideas and knowledge with the Pierce family

  • To all the teachers that were flexible and allowed me to make up the classes this week

  • To Mrs. Gonzalez-Karras for the daily hug and smile

From Michelle Altamirano:

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I heart you!

From Nena Trevizo:

  • I forgot to send a shout out to Mrs. Robles last week for letting me borrow her gloves during traffic duty, so THANK YOU!

  • Mrs. Delapeña for all stressing my teacher out. I really love it! :/ My lunch buddies for the delicious pot luck we just had. It was amazing and I love spending time with them. Have a great weekend!

  • Shout out to Mrs. Vela for bringing Jade today to help out! Really appreciate it.

From Michelle Martin:

  • Shoutout to the wonderful INSTRUCTION ASSISTANTS here at Pierce. Thank you for your participation and discussion during our behavior management follow up training!!
  • Shoutout to Ms. Dickson for all the new classroom materials! And to Mrs. Fleming and Maria for helping organize it all.

  • Shoutout to the teachers for their great work at Wednesday’s PLC!

  • Shoutout to Debbie Watts for her flexibility and creative activities for students!

From Michelle Aquino:

  • Shoutout to Mrs. Vela/Mercado, Mrs. Li/Sanchez, and to Mrs. Chavira/Orozco for having iCreate projects that were nominated to be featured in the district! #congratulations