The Events of Jacksons Presidency

The Trail of Tears

The Trail of tears was the trail that the Cherokee took to go from Georgia to Oklahoma.The where escorted and forced to take the trial by Andrew Jackson. Many natives died from weather, starvation, and wild Animals. Half of the Cherokee population died on the trail.

Spoil System

The system where voters or donors of a winning Politician get rewarded by the politician. It is usually jobs or money he gives as a reward to his peers. Andrew Jackson fired his office staff so that his voters and donors could take the jobs. Even thought they would not now how to do anything for there job president Jackson didn't care.

Killing the National Bank

Jackson never like banks especially the national bank. On 1833 Jackson announced that he would no longer use the national bank. He removed all the governments funds from the bank. The bank was shut down to the choices of president Jackson.

Political cartoon

Many believed that President Jackson was abusing his powers and that he was turning into a king. After he has violated the bill of rights so Jackson has gone mad with power.could this turn into another king George the third situation.

Factory worker perspective (positive)

President Jackson is a really good guy. I voted for him and he gave me a great high paying job. I think that he is the best president ever and know one can take his place. He gave me a job in his office so i get to work close with him which is even better.

Cherokee perspective (negative)

President Jackson is a really mean guy. He is abusing his powers and removing us from our homes after we where here first. We even sued the government all the way to supreme court and won but no one is doing anything. Many of our people have died attempting to move to our new land and its unfair.