Cold War Culture

Social Groups

Baby Boom

What? A huge amount of babies were born in the US.

Time Period: The early 1940's to the late 1960's

Location: The United States

Cause: Soldiers returning from WWII battle wanted to settle into family life.

Result: Sky rocketing amounts of babies were born. Over 4 million in just one year!

Significance: The population of the US went up drastically. This meant a need for more necessary supplies such as food.

To Whom: All US citizens


What? Women were expected to accept the position as a mother and housewife.

Time Period: The Cold War

Location: The United States

Cause: As men came back from combat there was less opportunities for women to have jobs, not to mention so many new families were started that someone needed to take care of the at home life.

Result: Although this position was glorified, it also angered one fifth of women in the US, causing them to speak out and fight against it.

Significance: This began all the Women's activist rights, which would eventually lead to women gaining rights like voting.

To Whom: US citizens, especially women.