A career in geology

Geology is the study of Earth.

Geologists observe and explore all different parts and places of the Earth.

The steps towards a geologist.

In order to have a career as a geologist, you need to have a major in geological and earth science.

Classes you would need to take in high school and college would be geophysics, chemistry, geology, and surface water classes.

In order to get an entry position you need at least a bachelors degree.

But to get a higher paid experience salary and level you need a masters degree in geological and earth science.

College...the big decision.

Finding a college to go to that can offer a good education in the area you are studying can be easy and on of the most difficult thing in the world. I looked at many colleges and the locations I liked. I found the Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I like Ohio a lot and that school has a specialty in science majors.

Bowling Green University is a public 4 year college.

Grades. Grades. Grades.

As you most likely know your grades depend on the college you get into and the classes you need to take.

In order to get into Bowling Green University you need to a GPA that is a 3.19 or higher.

The average ACT score that most freshmen have and that you should have is a 20 to a 23 or higher. The combined SAT average score is 960 to 1099.

What do you do when you are a geologist?

A geologists job is to study the earth and its structure. Geologists explore minerals and different landforms. If you want to or are planning on becoming a geologist you have to be ready for a lot of research. Being a geologist you have the chance to work all over the world, unless of course you choose to stay in one specific place and study only one specific thing for a specific amount of time. That amount of time could be a little part, big part, or your whole career.

Geology in Wisconsin.

Geology in Wisconsin is common, but not even close to as common as it is in other states.

Finding a job in Wisconsin as a geologist is fairly easy.

The salary range in Wisconsin for entry level to experienced is $41,300 to $109,080.

The national range is $43,820 to $160,910.

In north east Wisconsin there are 43 employers for geologists.

In the whole state there are 209.

Industrial solutions management is the business I would work for. This company is in Green Bay and an easy place to commute to every day for work.

For me? Or not?

This is not a career that I could see myself doing because of the other interests that I have, but geology is still very, very interesting on so many different levels.