Middle School Newsletter

Semester 1

If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time. -Zig Ziglar

Science:Density Lab

We created a lab where we took a lot of liquids and tested their densities. For example, we had Honey, Corn Syrup, Dish Soap, Milk, Iodine, and much, much more. We poured each liquid into a beaker where it formed different layers. The liquid with the highest density went straight to the bottom. The one with the lowest density stayed at the top.

Business:Create a business

We all chose our partners. And picked a type of business, such as a lady's sports clothes store, a bike store or paper store. We chose a name and the purpose of the name then what we would sell and what we needed in the store,how much clients and what they would all do. Then we had to decide what we would do if we were given $200. It was a very interesting project and taught us a lot about what we would do if we owned a business.

English:Writing Process

Mrs. Pratt told us to chose 7 subjects that we would like to write about, then we did a cluster chart for 3 of them. We picked one of our 3 choices and did our order of events.We started writing our rough draft, then got it edited 2 times by a classmate and the teacher. Finally we had to do our final draft. Some people have done 1 page or 5 pages and one person even got to 55 pages. This was a very fun assignment and Mrs. Pratt managed to teach us the processes of writing.

Science:Ferret It Out

In Semester 1, we did a research project for three weeks straight. It was very interesting and made us participate in class more. Our whole class worked as a team to find out a solution for the Black Footed Ferret's recovery reintroduction. It took a lot of time and at the end we presented our solution to the "Board Members" of the Black Footed Ferret Recovery Reintroduction team.

Geography:Create An Island

Currently, we are creating our own islands in class. We are using the Geography land forms that we have learned in the previous lessons. We must have a model, 2 maps:political and physical, and a write up about the place. The islands should have roads, homes, recreation areas, and etc. It is a exciting project and we are looking forward to finishing it.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into smaller manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” -Mark Twain