Tangerine Journal

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What's happening

  • Many muck fires are happening.
  • Paul and his family just moved into Tangerine, Florida.
  • Erik is sneaking out of the house.
  • The fireman say that there are many muck fires going on.
  • Paul wakes up thinking that there is a fire in the house.
  • Mike dies on the football field
  • Erik's dad calls 911
  • Mike's brother tries to take Mike's shoes
  • Paul is sent to Mr.Murrow's office
  • Erik's mom gets shoked that Mike is dead

Updates on the Erik Fisher Football Dream

Paul fisher is the insecure, nervous, unknown kid that has a very popular kid. Paul's brother (Erik) is the popular kid who everyone likes and plays foot ball to gain fame. These two people are exact opposites. Paul dislikes his brother because, Erik bullies him and makes fun of him everywhere. An example of him making fun of him was when Erik made fun of him on bus stop, humiliating Paul in front of everyone. Paul was confused and puzzled on what was going on.

Mike Costello Died!

Erik was coming home in a land cruiser with Arthur and Erik's mom was unloading the groceries from the car and was told by Erik that Mike died. She was very shocked and was confused. She asked how and was given the answer. Mike Costello died when he was touching the goal post and was struck by electricity. He then "flew" and fell. He had died before he fell. Then Erik's dad called 911 to tell them. The ambulance came and tried everything, they " jump started" Mike but it didn't work. Mike Costello died!

MOYA in a Close up

An issue that Erik has is that he has bad friends, bad peer pressure, and is labeled a bad person. If he made better friends he wouldn't have as many problems and would be nice to others. An issue that Paul has is that he has no friends ( as inferred in the book) and if he makes more friends, maybe his brother would be more nice to him. The last issue that Erik has is that if he doesn't brag about so many things he would be less mean to others and wouldn't make others mad.

Soccer Tryouts

There is a new team joining us and they are having tryouts to see if any of you will fit the job. You will need cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball, of course. With these items you will also need to know how to play soccer, a few tricks, and have a specialty such as Defense, Midfield, Striker, or Goalie. When you do make it you will practice in the middle school in Tangerine. The practice will be on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 6:00 to 7:30 P.M. It is a great exercise and of course Paul Fisher will join us at the goal.
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