Is it Worth It?

Is the U.S. Military spending too much on aircraft's?

Every decade the U.S. Military spends roughly 90 billion dollars on each of the most advanced aircraft's,but is it really worth it? With all the money they spent people are getting concerned. The money the U.S. Military is willing to spend for the most advanced aircraft to save lives is justified.

In the article Finding Firefights from a World Away by the L.A. Times , Thomas Christie, a top analyst of the defense department, disagrees with the money spent on these planes. "You're talking $2 billion airplane by the time they build it...its a disaster waiting to happen"(L.A. Times 3). Christie thinks that the money spent will eventually come back to haunt the U.S.

The article Who will build the top secret warplane, it states that there are pros to spending all that money. Some pros are that it "prevents more people from going into harms way"(L.A. Times 3). Even with all the money being spent the amount of live being saved is worth it.
In the passage Osprey Aircraft Redeems its Reputation in Afghanistan War,"the aircraft still probably cost more than it should, but it has the best safety record of any aircraft that the military flies"(McCarthy 3). The money being spent is for sure worth the safety.
Although the U.S. Military spends billions of dollars on the top advanced and safe aircraft's in the end it is totally worth it with all the lives being saved.


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By Javier and Griffin