Soar Report

Dec. 14-18

This Week's News


I am sorry to get this out to you so late. My grandmother passed away Sunday night, so things have been a little crazy this week. I will be leaving work early Thursday and will be out Friday so that I may head up to TN for her funeral. Due to this, we will NOT have a spelling test on Friday. I will be doing sight word and sound assessments Thursday morning before I leave.

On Friday, the class will go to the gym in the morning for a school wide sing-a-long. Then after lunch students will watch the Polar Express and enjoy cookies and milk provided from the PTO. Students may wear their PJ's on Friday to school (Please follow dress code and wear shoes). Students may also bring a pillow for the movie.

If you have questions or concerns about this week, please feel free to email me.

Book It!- Keep working on your December learning goal!

APTT- Mark your calendars...our next APTT meeting will be January 21 from 5:30-6:30. I can't wait to see you and go over your child's progress with counting to 100 and show you another learning goal!

Affidavits are due before the Christmas break. Make sure you take care of this please!!! Several reminders have been sent home if your is missing.

Special's Schedule

Monday- PE

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Computer

Thursday- PE

Friday- Music

Dates to Remember

Nothing important this week!

This Week's Learning Goals

Letter/Sound of the Week: Uu

Sight Words: am, be, black

CAFE/ELA- 2nd 9 weeks learning goals

  • Spoken words are represented by a sequence of letters
  • Identifying and producing rhyming words
  • Blending sounds to read words
  • Asking and answering questions and retelling
  • Engaging in group activities
  • Sorting
  • Writing one sentence to produce an opinion piece

Math: 2nd 9 weeks learning goals

  • Counting to 60
  • Skip counting by 10's to 50
  • Counting forward starting with a number other than 1
  • Answering how many question (#0-20)
  • Comparing written numbers using more than, less than, equal to (#0-10)
  • Comparing objects using more than, less than, equal to (0-20)
  • Composing and decomposing numbers 11-19 into tens and ones

Social Studies/Science/Health Unit: Winter Holidays Around the World

Leaping Frogs

These Leaping Frogs made a 100% on their sight word spelling test!


Mary Catherine





These students earned their 4th sight word star for knowing 40 words!



APTT Goal- Counting to 100

Continue to work on counting to 100!