By Jose, Juan


Divorce is a huge part of many family's around the world today.

Divorce Statistics in America for Marriage

MarriageDivorce statistics (in percent)

First Marriage-----------45% to 50% marriages end in divorce

Second Marriage-------60% to 67% marriages end in divorce

Third Marriage----------70% to 73% marriages end in divorce

Most of the time the children involved in the divorce are the ones that suffer more than the parents themselves.

How does this start in a family??

This starts when parents start to disagree on most things and start to argue with each other almost everyday. Also one parent may be abusive towards the other or to the children. While the other parent may leave their spouse.

What can we do to fix this?


There are many programs that help couples work out their problems. Couples go to their appointments and try to listen to each other more and get it all out and try to be together.

Places to go?

Marriage Rescue Associates, Inc.