Nuclear Fusion Unlocked!

December 8, 2015

Behind this masterpiece...

Hello, my name is Nina Huynh and my companion, Rory Malcolm, has uncovered the secret to nuclear fusion. We work in HEP (Harnessing Energy Program) located in Salt Lake City, Utah and we finally accomplished what we set out for, years ago. Only several months back, Rory and I stumbled upon the answer and this will change the course of history!

So, what is Nuclear Fusion?

If any of you who read this and was wondering what I was talking about let me get this straightened out before I continue with this discovery. A nuclear fusion creates a nuclear reaction, this happens when a nuclei of a low atomic number combines to form a heavier nucleus with a release of energy.

Now don't get this confused with nuclear fission! They are two different things. A nuclear fission also creates a nuclear reaction, this happens when heavy nucleus splits on impact with another particle with a release of energy.

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Safety and concerns

Nuclear fusion creates power that is sustainable and safe, as long that it is kept and used properly. Nuclear power, when monitored properly, will be perfectly safe and another good thing about this is that it doesn't give out any greenhouse gases!
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Economic Impact

Having a nuclear fusion to power places on earth will greatly benefit the world. A nuclear power can generate from 500 to 4,000 Megawatts. It depends on the location. Conventional energy markets use fossil fuel and add to the greenhouse gas and environmental damage. With the nuclear fusion powering energy in the world this would be need no more.

Imagine the world without today's energy limitations, this is the world that can be created with our project. With nuclear power, lights and other stuff that needs energy can be maintain without a toll because fusion gives almost limitless fuel supply to all parts of the world. Fuel consumption in fusion power station is extremely low. Now non-renewable sources and fossil fuels that are used for energy, harms the environment but the nuclear fusion can change that! Nuclear fusion like I said before doesn't give out any greenhouse gases or any air pollution and is a renewable source and because of this Nuclear power will help the economy and environment.


Our project is not yet release but be ready to see it in the near future. Planning will be on going and the Nuclear Fusion energy power plant will soon be opening in the next three to four years.