Zavien Clendennen

Vienna, Austria

airfare cost and schedule

I will leave Denver international at 7:45pm on Friday the eleventh of April, and arrive 888 miles in Chicago IL. at 11:08pm. Then the next day I will leave O'Hare International at 4:05pm go 4,704 miles overnight on my connecting flight and end up at Vienna International at 8:05am. I will go back towards home at 10:05pm on Friday April 25th to O'Hare International and arrive at 1:30pm. Then the next day I will leave Chicago IL. at 8:05pm on the same day and arrive home the next day at 10:20pm so I could sleep in my own bed. I will end up spending about $3,200 because I will spend 3,114.60 in ticket and the rest on food, drinks, and souvineirs.

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I'm going to be staying at Palis Hansen Kempinski Vienna. It will be about $353 a night for me and a friend, it totals to about $4,928.I will have all the daily essentials air conditioning, Wi-Fi T.V, movies, a bathtub and a shower. I'll also have all the little extras like a, laptop compatible safe, a minibar, and last daily housekeeping since it's a vacation. All together I plan on coming back to this four star hotel.[0]=1042&unchecked_campaignIDs[0]=30&unchecked_campaignIDs[1]=1222&unchecked_campaignIDs[2]=90

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One problem I had on my trip is I lost my passport. What I had to do was I had to go to a passport agent and fill out a form. The form was DS-11 and DS-64 it was basically saying I was from America and that they could get another passport. Even though I lost my passport I was relieved that i got a new one and I could go back home.


All and all I really liked Vienna, Austria it was an amazing cultural experience, I really liked the hotel because it was so fancy. That was probably my favorite part of the trip. But my least favorite part of the trip was waiting on the plane, but all together I loved my time being here and I hope I can come back some day.
airfare cost and schedule

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