Project Loon

More and More about the Internet!

A lot of people think that a few people do not have access to the Internet, but no! The majority of people do NOT have access to the Internet.

What is Project Loon?

Project Loon is an idea that creates a network of high-altitude balloons that float about 20 kilometers up in the sky! Those balloons are so huge- they have a diameter of about 15 meters. In this way, they could give Internet to the whole entire world!

If you want to actually see a balloon, you'll have to use a telescope.

How Does Loon Move?

Above the place where rain happens, aircraft fly, and where mountains are is the balloon sent to provide network. Let's remind you. The balloon is 20 kilometers about the sky (in the stratosphere), while where rain happens and all that is 10 kilometers above the sky. The balloon moves by the wind. And by catching the right wind, the balloons can be kept together. The people responsible for Project Loon can sail with the winds so that when a balloon leaves, another one replaces it.

How Does Loon Connect?

The balloons in the stratosphere communicate with specialized Internet antennas on the ground. So an antenna talks to the balloon in the sky and each one of these balloons talks to their neighboring balloons, and then back down to the ground station, which is connected to the local internet provider. That creates the network! The radios and antennas are specifically designed to receive signals from Project Loon only, or else it won't work.

The balloons are completely solar-powered and are controlled through Loon Mission Control. Before the balloon is sent up, the Loon Staff talk to the Air Traffic Control (to let them know these balloons are not any.

Where Loon is Going?

"Project Loon began with a pilot test in June 2013, when thirty balloons were launched from New Zealand's South Island and beamed Internet to a small group of pilot testers. The pilot test has since expanded to include a greater number of people over a wider area. Looking ahead, Project Loon will continue to expand the pilot, with the goal of establishing a ring of uninterrupted connectivity at latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere, so that pilot testers in these latitudes can receive continuous service via balloon-powered Internet."

The Project Loon people use the sunlight, the wind, and other sources (like solar power) to bring this network to everyone in the world!

This idea is very cool!

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