"Magic News"

September 16, 2016

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A Peek At The Week

I would like to thank all of you who were able to attend Open House on Wednesday. I enjoyed sharing your child's educational program with you. If you were unable to attend and you would like to meet, please contact me either by calling or emailing me.

This week we began "apple" week with many songs, stories, and poems about apples. Our math focus has been to count, introduce five-frames, "subitize" recognize and write the numbers 1-5. In "fundations", our phonics program, we have introduced t, b, f. Please reinforce at home using the key word. ( t, top, /t/, b, bat, /b/, f, fun, /f/) Say the letter name, then the key word picture and last the sound.

Looking Ahead

Next week we will continue our "Apple"theme. Our math activities will include counting and sequencing numbers, positional concepts, five-frames, and an apple graph. We will be doing some apple tasting and then recording our favorite apple. In writing we will write about which one is our favorite and why. (our choices: granny smith, McIntosh, golden delicious.

Centers will begin next week.

On Monday I will send home the first homework assignment. The packet will have directions for each night and the assignments will be short. Some do not require paper or pencil. Please return the homework on Friday in the homework pocket.

Mr. Monti has told us that the kindergarten chromebooks will be coming soon. Please get your child a set of earphones. They can be purchased for a good price a Five Below. They will be kept in a large zip-lock bag and only used by your child.

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Reminders and Suggestions

  • Please check the "Magic" Book every night, remove ALL "Wand"derful work and review it with your child.
  • All homework should be signed and returned on Friday.
  • Review the letters t, b, and f.
  • Continue to practice counting and recognizing the numbers ) 0-20)
  • Remember that the PTO needs your help and support. Our PTO has been very supportive with all our Wakefield Hills programs, which include field trips, book fairs, cultural arts programs, Santa's Workshop, field day, and both the kindergarten and 4th grade graduations.
  • To help support these very special initiatives, please save the General Mills box tops for education and other PTO fundraisers.
  • Please continue to go over the lunch menu with your child so that your child knows what he/she would like to order for lunch.
  • Continue to send ONE small snack and drink daily. Remember that we are a nut free classroom. NO SNACKS THAT CONTAIN PEANUTS OR TREE NUTS.

Enjoy the last weekend of summer

Diane Tourangeau

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