Sofia Ortega 3rd period

EXPECTATIONS (Code Of Conduct)

In order to stay in pre sports you have to behave and keep your grades up. If you're a student that misbehaves in class then you might want to change that if you want to stay in the class. You also want to maintain your grades up. Another expectation is that you treat others with respect and to NOT STEAL ANYTHING. If you steal something there will always consequences. Another thing that you should remember is to always tell the truth because something might not be right and you're part of it you always need to tell the truth.


Pre sports is a class to learn about a physical activity. It teaches you about a sport that you want and prepares you for when you make it to seventh and eighth grade. It also helps you stay fit and active. There are days when you are doing a sport and there are days when you have to go outside and run or when you have to stay inside and jump rope or run jog for a certain amount of time. Pre sports is a way for you to have fun at school and maintain yourself fit .


You have health days every Friday unless something comes up or you have a drill. Health days are when you don't do any sports. Instead you have to get your health book and study a certain skill and then answer some questions. Sometimes you might do word searches.