Health Topic-Preventive Care

Hayden McClure 1st hour

Any of these can be Prevented with help

Mammograms...What are they?

A Mammogram is a X-ray picture of the breast. This is used to help find cancer, specially breast cancer. This certain type of Mammogram being a "screening" Mammogram. "screening" mammograms usually have 2 pictures(X-rays) of each breast. Those pictures can detect tumors that cannot be felt. They also can detect"micro-calcifications" which are tiny deposits of calcium that indicate cancer most of the time.

These tests are mostly for women but men have also been found to have breast cancer, these tests could benefit to any one at any age. this cannot be done to many times though because it can lead to radiation poisoning, and can be fatal.

Pap Smears... What are they?

Pap Smears are used as a medical test for doctors figure out if there are any problems with a girl's cervix. Pap smears can show infections along with many other problems, like "abnormal cells" that could form into cancer if not treated(correctly).

Pap Smears are commonly found in women around the age of 21, and can even be used to show/"monitor" their health. Then later should be tested around 3 times a year, but all women aren't alike, some even need more than 3 times and need to talk to their doctor for more information.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is another growing epidemic which can be fatal as well. But there are ways to find out for your self if you may have testicular cancer. They are call TSE(Testicular self examination) This is a easy an safe way for men(of any ages) to check their own "testicals" to see if there aren't any abnormal lumps or bumps, because that could be the first sign of testicular cancer.

Who benefits? You of course, But this will help men in the ages of 15-35 the most, since these are the more common ages found in men with testicular cancer. And men should Check them self ATLEAST once every month, because you could have cancer and not know about it...

Prostate Cancer

These tests can be very helpful, only can help if the person gets a screening first. Another name for prostate cancer test(s) is called the PSA(Prostate-specific antigen) this could help show any signs of cancer early on, and overall works much better. But these tests are most beneficial to men 75 in younger, because any one could develop this, so get check atleast 2 a year or so, or go see your doctor if you have any swelling or any abnormal pains when try to take a poop.

PSA's aren't always a good thing though there have been cases where PSA have slowed down growing and have even spread beyond the prostate gland, or even where people aren't even in need of the exam. But wen the dust clears the test isn't 100% accurate there some problems still, where the patient doesn't have cancer but the PSA picks something up telling them they have cancer. Still anyone can benefit from it if you feel anything abnormal.