Thank You for the Interview

From: Mary Christoff, Gifted Intervention Specialist

Ms. Yonker, Ms. Boedicker, Ms. Rutledge

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me regarding the Gifted Coordinator/Literacy Specialist Position with the Highland Local Schools via the ESC of Medina County.

You stated that you wanted a Gifted Coordinator/Literacy Specialist who would be a source for extensive Language Arts and Math resources for your teachers and staff.

You also stated that you wanted someone to share and create collaboratively differentiated Reading and Math resources for classroom use to meet the educational needs of your gifted population.

You wanted this resource person to be able to educate various school personnel about all facets of Gifted Intervention including:

  • Acceleration (whole grade and subject)
  • Curriculum Compacting
  • Differentiation
  • Extension Menus
  • Enrichment
  • Learning Contracts
  • Problem Based Learning, and the most important skill - helping develop
  • The Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Students.

I am an experienced K-8 Gifted Intervention Specialist with experience with all the items listed above.

  • I have the ability and flexibility to reach out and collaborate with all facets of school personnel including: teachers, local school administrators, and other strategic district personnel.

  • I have spectacular organizational skills and the ability to multi-task numerous assignments and work with many different personality types in all types of situations both positive and negative in nature.

  • I have experience training educators with the characteristics of gifted students, social emotional development of gifted students, Bloom's Taxonomy, and various differentiation strategies to enhance learning for advanced students.

  • I also know to develop a Problem Based Learning Project from start to finish, and have taught other educators how to utilize it effectively.

  • My areas of strength are curriculum and assessment development, differentiation strategies, and incorporating technology within this process.

I know you will consider my qualifications for this position, and I do look forward to hearing from you.

Mary Christoff

Gifted Intervention Specialist


Mrs. Christoff's Enrichment Website

I created this website to be utilized as a resource for teachers, parents, and administrators to quickly locate free resources for their advanced students.


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