Mrs. Barth's 2nd Grade News


9/14 YAY COGAT testing is over! We will test again the week of September 24th for the whole week. This test will is the IOWA test of basic skills. It is longer than the COGAT and requires lots of listening! Please make sure to order your child's field day shirt on My Payments Plus. Next week will be a regular week of learning =)

9/7 I can't believe it is September already. I am almost finished testing all the students reading levels and hope to have reading groups up by the week of 9/17. Next week on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we have COGAT testing. Testing will start at 8:30 a.m. Students will need to be listening carefully to what I am reading to them. They took a similar test in 1st grade. Also if you haven't ordered your field day shirt you can do so through My Payments Plus. Our shirt color is a light gray. Field Day will be the first week of November last year- I am just not sure which day and time yet.

8/31 Wow! Week 4 is done! We have learned so much so far! We all deserve a day off for our learning!

8/24 Wow another week is over! So much learning going on! We even started some math centers. I am slowly getting all the students reading assessments done. Our Matter Museum was awesome! It is hanging in the hallway and if you come to Curriculum Night on Tuesday you will get to see it!

8/17 We have grown so much as readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists already! We are really focusing on our Tiger Traits and especially keeping our hands to ourselves. We will be starting homework on Monday. Your child will bring home their binder and agenda. Please make sure to check homework nightly!

8/10 What a great first week of 2nd grade! We have learned how to be readers, authors, scientists, and mathematicians! We have also worked on our Tiger Traits and learning about school!

Class Website-

Daily Folders/Passports- Please remember to initial your child's RED daily folder nightly and EMPTY the folder. Your child's passport is coming home today, please sign and return on Monday.

Lunch Room- Visitors ARE being ALLOWED at the time!

Devices- If your child is bringing their device to school they need to bring it daily. When we use devices- they can use them! Please make sure that your child can easily navigate to the Harbins Website, student portal, learning tree, and reading eggs. It would also be great to practice logging on to the network here at school with your child. It also would be great if they knew what websites/apps work and don't work. PLEASE HAVE DEVICES CHARGED OR SEND THE CHARGER! Please print the form about BYOD from the Harbins Webpage if your child would like to bring their device.

Handwriting- Students are having a difficult time with handwriting grip of the pencil, formation of the letters (drawing the letters instead of writing them), placement of capital letters and lowercase letters and writing properly on lined paper. At times we will have some handwriting practice in class and homework. We will be practicing A LOT this week and will continue to practice. I noticed that several students do not have the proper handling of the pencil- it should be a pincer grasp. With the thumb and index finger pinching the bottom of the pencil.

Here is a great link about how to hold a pencil properly:

Specials next week- ART

Absences- Gentle Reminder- If your child is absent, when they return, please remember to send in a written excuse. We had lots of friends absent this week and did not bring notes in.

Passport Changes- Please note some small changes to the passport. Our Harbins Positive Behavior Team changed the passport a little bit due to some teacher feedback. Please make sure to sign your child's passport and return on Monday. We also started reflecting on our Tiger Traits on the back of the passport. Each week your child will reflect on a trait- they can say an example of how they showed the Tiger Trait or how they can grow in that Tiger Trait.

Leader in Learning and Tiger of the Month

Leader in Learning for August: Abigail

Tiger of the Month:

Important Dates/Events

Important Dates

Friday September 21st- Spirit Day

September 24th- 28th- IOWA testing

What we are learning

Math- Place Value- finishing, starting expanded form, word form, standard form of 3 digit numbers and starting comparing numbers

Reading- asking and answering questions while reading nonfiction

Writing- Personal Narrative

Spelling/Word Work- Words Their Way

Science- Matter- Finishing- Test on Tuesday

Social Studies- Regions of Georgia