By: Laura Sue Tapia-3rd Period

Leader: Defenition

A leader is anyone whom inspires others to act and work together to achieve a common goal. The four leadership styles are: authoritarian, democratic, lazzie-faire, and balanced.

Leadership: Styles

Leadership: Power

Leadership Power

Power is what a leader uses to enforce his followers to action. It is the ability of one person to get others to behave in a particular way or to carry out certain actions. There are six types of power: legitimate power, reward power, coercive power, expert power, informational power, and referent power.

Leaders in My Life

Many ordinary people are great leaders. An example are teachers. They are a fantastic example of leaders whom use the 'Reward' power. My own teachers will motivate me to turn in work on time or to study by using this method of power. My History teacher, Mrs. Haugland, exercises this power by telling us that if we do good on a test, she will allow the class to sit wherever we want for a day, instead of having to sit in accordance to the seating chart. My English language arts teacher, Mrs. Khan, uses this power to motivate us to read more; if we complete our personal reading goal for the six weeks, she will reward our efforts with a few pieces of candy. These are just a few examples of leaders in my life and how they use their power.