Book of Life

Opening chapter 2015 with purpose

Looking Ahead.

2014 was a awesome year for Mak Dental Group with many changes; New name, new signs, Curve dental, newsletters, lost employees, gained team members, Brittany went on Spring Break and came home pregnant, David Karns decide to live life on the edge, Angie got married, Cat got divorced before she got Ray Rice'd, Sarah H and Jamie bought new homes, Katie did glamour shots and looked stunning, Mal shut down her photography facebook page and decided to focus on more time with family, Karri got a family, Deana cut off her locks and looks great, Sierra got engaged, and many more I cant think of. Big things are happening with the corporation and all the amazing team members. As we look ahead to 2015 spend some time soul searching, what do you want out of next year? How is 2015 going to be a stepping stone for your 3, 5, 10 year goals? There's something powerful in writing all this soul searching down and I challenge you to do so.

OSU and Michigan tail gate party

Saturday, Nov. 29th, 12pm

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States

Columbus, OH

Come join the fun!

Nov 29th @12 pm (kick off)


We still need someone to bring: hamburger and buns, condiments, cups, plates,napkins and other sides to share.

BYOB or drinks and chairs!

Head count needed by ASAP. please message me YEA or NAH.

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