Competitive commercial activities

By Kamal Chammari

Intellectual porperty

Intellectual property (protection) is absolutely important for protecting anyone's company. To prevent any copyright for a company's designs, processes and inventions that's been demonstrated to the public, intellectual property is crucial t a business. In contrast, without having any knowledge about Intellectual property could ruin a company's reputation. Engineering organisations are often aware of innovation. They always keep an eye on protecting IP because they know it's really crucial to their own business otherwise they could come across some serious problems. However, scientist prefer to be focused on improving technology and are not aware the finer points of protecting IP. Even though there are a lot of different aspects of IP protection, all engineering organisations should be aware and very familiar with the patent law because according to other articles patent protection is one of the main problems that engineers suffer and failing to seek for new innovations. But it could be the other way around where many engineers may develop a new invention but fail to see that it could be patentable. That's way it's always important to refer/patent every single every piece of invention as drawing, sketches, software codes, prototypes etc.

Innovation and competitive advantage

Business innovation

In general, innovation refers to making changes to create more effective processes in the product or service that you're offering which can increase the success of your own business. Businesses that innovate seem to create more efficient work as in progress and have a better performance. For businesses, this relates to implementing ideas, inventing unique products or improving your existing product or service. In other words, innovation is known as growing leading your business to success, and help you stand out in the marketplace and deliver a better product or service. Not only progress, but innovation creates a lot of competition advantage between the sector that your product or service is positioned in. Some key steps towards business innovation: 1) Position yourself as a client and give yourself some feedback on how you could improve what you're offering to your real clients 2) Always be open to new ideas and accept any changes that need to be done. 3) Develop a strategic and responsive plan 4) Establish a close relationship with your costumers and employees to create ideas to progress (internally and externally) 5) Seek advice.