Homeless children

By Olivia Brunskill

What does homeless mean?

Homeless means that if you don't have a bed to sleep, a home to stay in that is under shelter you are classified as a homeless person. Even if you are living at a friends place and you don't have your own shelter you are classified as homeless.

How many kids are homeless?

There are around about 17,845 kids under the age of 12 that were counted as homeless and 402 children under the age of 12 are sleeping rough. There are 10,913 12-18 years old who are all homeless. There are homeless kids all across australia and they need help. One in six Australians aged 15-24 are living in poverty. In fact, children under the age of 18 make up 27% of people experiencing homelessness.

Where are the kids staying?

6% are staying in tents or sleeping out

20% are staying in supported accommodation for the homeless

17% are staying in other households

17% staying in boarding houses

1% are temporary lodging

39% are staying in overcrowded dwellings

Kids are often staying wherever they can get a space, they need a bed and shelter it is very wrong for a child to have to stay outside for the alone for weeks, months and even years

Why are they Homeless?

Kids are often homeless because of

their families.

They can't afford rental housing

Domestic family violence

Intergenerational poverty

Financial Crisis

Long term unemployment

Severe mental illness or psychological distress

Exiting State care

Exiting prison

Severe overcrowding/ housing crisis

Kids are often left to fend for themselves and it is are hard life for them.