An Overview by Dane Paige

What is Albinism?

An Autosomal disorder that can affect the Autosome, Tyrosinase. It occurs when there is a lack of Melanin in your pigments.


  • White hair
  • pinkish skin
  • Rapid involuntary movement of the eyes (mystagmus)
  • Inability for eyes to stay in the same position (Strabismus)
  • Sensitivity to light (Photophobia)


Are there prenatal tests for this disorder?
  • No
Who can be effected?
  • Anyone
How is it inherited?
  • From a Recessive Autosomal gene
What Medical assistance will I need?
  • Visual aid
Will I need care as I grow older?
  • Not necessarily, unless you need visual aid
Treatments or Cures? In the near future?
  • Not at the moment. No.
Can I still have children?
  • Yes
Will my children be affected by this disease?
  • Possibly

Don't call someone with Albinism an "Albino". It's rude.


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