By Noah Kahan

The aftermath of the Hugian Civil War showed the power of the rebels and they decided to create their own civilization, naming themselves Hugian/ Hugi. The Hugians created their government as a GRD (Government controlled, Representative, Democracy), the first government officials decided to have a group of individuals specially trained from birth to be naturally born leaders. Government officials test the ,soon to be, candidates and choose the best and the others are discarded. The ones who pass are watched and their belongings are replicated and the receive a memory wipe of any aggressive and unhappy memories of their tests.

The citizens are given the right to vote and they not only do the citizens have the right to vote on the candidates whom they want to be in control but the also get to decide where they go in office. The people of office have their ideas downloaded and their memories of their office experience replaced. The people trained for office are not natural but their backup candidates are. People of the Hugian must have at least one child. The reason for this is that family names are put into hats and their first born is taken and trained as a backup candidate. A family who has their child taken will be given a document to prove that they have at least owned a child in their lifetime.

The laws are taken very seriously and the punishment is normally very harsh. Most times the punishment would be death or escort to "StoneHell"(SH for short). The army and the officials of the government and their property is most important to the government, so the medicines and expensive materials are given mainly to help them.

The time before is a time the government wants no mention of, and even the leader will face a large price. The curfew is nine 'o'clock at night and wake and move at four in the morning the time is enforced for unknown reasons only the leader and the top militia officials know of. The murder of any citizens is not tolerated unless you're the military or government. The act of any kind of suspicious behavior will be taken into concern.

The government controls almost all...