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Counseling Newsletter ... May 17 - May 23

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Finish Strong

We were hoping that this last week of school would look a little different. We were all looking forward to ending the year together while celebrating all that we had accomplished. We were also looking forward to celebrating with our 8th graders who are about to begin a new journey in the fall. Although we cannot be together, there are still so many accomplishments to celebrate.

We have witnessed how when we come together we can overcome any obstacle. We watched as teachers quickly and so creatively transitioned to virtual lessons to meet the needs of the students that they love so much. We watched as parents and caregivers, despite managing so many other aspects of life, put their children first to make sure that their educational, physical, and emotional needs were being met. And we watched our amazing students rise above their circumstances and continue to push forward because they knew that they had to continue to fight towards their goals.

We are so grateful to everyone who puts their heart and soul into Brentwood Steam and our Edgewood Community. So as we close out this school year remember to FINISH STRONG! You are all stronger than you know. Just look at how far you have already come!

Sending love and positivity,

STEAM Counseling TEAM

Social Emotional Learning

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End of Year Gratitude

Surrounding ourselves with people who lift us up is important. A kind word or gesture can go a long way in helping us realize our worth. We should seek out those who are willing to see the positive in us and encourage us on good and tough days.

Think of someone who has helped you make it through this unconventional school year and show them some gratitude. This can be someone in your family or school. This can even be someone that you may not know but appreciate such as someone at your local grocery store, police department, or a doctor/nurse who continues to work so that we all have what we need.

Ideas for showing gratitude:

Write a letter

Send a card

Phone call

Gift or treat

Virtual Learning


Free Wifi

Spectrum and AT&T are offering Free Wifi to students for 60 days. If you would like more information or want to register, please call:

Spectrum: 1-844-488-8395

AT&T: 1-855-220-5211!/

Girls Scouts is also offering free Wifi at 5622 Cesar Chavez Way, SAT 78237

Homework Help

Need a little extra help on your homework? The San Antonio Library is happy to help! Click on the picture to check it out now!

Food Assistance

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Snap Benefits

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Rent & Utilities

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Diaper Bank

Need assistance with diapers? Click the photo for help now.

Legal Assistance

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Mental Health

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Contact Us

Mrs. Tabitha Bazaldua

School Counselor at Brentwood STEAM SOI

6th Grade

Mrs. Sarah Jane Ryan

School Counselor at Brentwood STEAM SOI

7th/8th Grade

Mrs. Michelle Bokaie

Social Worker at Brentwood STEAM SOI

6th - 8th Grade