Shakespearean Play

Samuli H, Hannah R, Jackson D, Lauren U. (Group D)

Act #2, Scence #2, Lines 92-162

Summary: Helena was just chasing Demetrius and spotted Lysander. Lysander has the juice on his eyelids so when Helena said, "Lysander, if you live, good sir, awake!" Lysander first say Helena and fell in love with her. Hermia is ferious with Helena for "Stealing her loves heart." Hermia chases after Lysander.

Most important quote

The most important quote is when Lysander says, "To honour Helen and to be her knight." Paraphrased: "To serve Helen and bring her honour."

This is the most important because Lysander is not suppose to love Helena, but he now does.

Lysander character analysis

Lysander is one of the two male characters in the play. He is important because he helps create a love cycle in the story. The conflict is that Lysander loves Helena because of the juice even though he actually loves Hermia.

Hermia Character Analysis

My character is Hermia and she is significant because she calls out for lysander when she wakes up and he is no longer their but he wont respond to her because hes now fall in love with Helena. The type of conflict it is is Hermia gets frustrated and says "Either Death or you ill find immediately" (MND 11.ii.162)

Helena Character Analysis

My character is Helena. She is significant because she finds herself in the woods from chasing after Demetrius. She see's Lysander laying on the ground in the woods. Unsure if he's alive or dead she wakes him after he has been subjected with the juice. The conflict is that after waking Lysander, he falls in love with her because of the juice.

Demetrius Character Analysis

My charter is Demetrius. He is significant because he makes Helena get lost in the forest. The conflict he is encountering is Helena wont stop following him.


The lesson is to not to try to change love. You can't control who needs to love who.

"Not Hermia but Helena I love." ( MND II.ii.119) This helps support the theme by showing how he loves someone though he actually loves someone else.