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Jonathan Anglin

Would You Lie for Me?

This article's main focus is that we may have more brain power than we think. Studies show that saying no to certain people is actually harder than it normally would just because of their social status such a friends, peers, and colleagues. In the article it also states that we have more power over people than we think. Ultimately, humans are incredibly more persuasive than anyone once thought.

2) The author's objective is to inform adults that they could be influential than they previously thought.

3) I agree with her argument because everyone has a person that they can't say no to even if they wanted to.

4) I would change how factually this article was written and add more of a friendly and relaxed flow.

5) I would fit this into the middle of our news article because of its dry writing style even though it is about an interesting topic.

NFL Prospect Openly Admits He's Gay

Michael Sam, a defensive lineman at the University of Missouri has a unique opportunity to make history by possibly being the first openly gay NFL player ever. It was reported that his team supported Sam and gave him full acceptance when he told them as a whole. As a very good college player and highly valued, he can be the star of a rebuilding team and make a very big name for himself. The reason he spoke out was because he realized rumors were circulating about him and he wanted to give his own opinion before people started speculating about him. Sam said, “I just want to make sure I could tell my story the way I want to tell it. I just want my own truth.”

2) The author’s purpose is to tell a story of a man who was brave enough to be himself.

3) I agree with the author’s point because everyone should have a chance to do what they love no matter their sexuality.

4) I would add more of Sam’s quotes

5) I would fit this into the beginning of our article.

Break in Siege is Little Relief to Syrian City

A three day humanitarian cease-fire was declared in the Syrian city of Homs. It was supposed to be a small breakthrough, a moment of relief for civilians trapped in the horrors of civil war. But mortar rounds and gunfire rained down near aid convoys, leaving innocent victims lying in the streets. Many are hoping more aid will be sent to Syria to overcome the insurgents.

2) The author’s purpose was to tell about the awful conditions of current day Syria.

3) I don’t exactly agree with the author because he wasn’t sympathetic with the victims.

4) I would add more information about the victims.

5) I would add this to the end of our article because people would only read this if they wanted to.

Fight over Minimum Wage Illustrates Web Industry Ties

Academic reports have repeatedly warned that the increasing minimum wage could do more harm than good by increasing poverty and unemployment. The reason for this is simple: Inflation. If prices are higher then people are going to want more money to pay for them. This in turn causes prices to rise once more. This cycle has been happening for hundreds of years and right now, people need bigger checks again.

2) The author’s purpose was to inform people of why getting a higher minimum wage may not be the best solution.

3) I completely agree with the author because this cycle has been happening for such a long time but yet no one has fixed it.

4) I would make this article more interesting instead of cut and dry.

5) I would add this to the beginning of our article because kids need to know about minimum wage since that is what most teens are getting paid

Sochi Got the Gold. Bypassed Village Got Dust

Even with all the publicity that Sochi is receiving due to the Olympics, it isn’t up to code in some areas. But if you go ten minutes away to Akhstyr, a mountain village that should be thriving due to the multibillion-dollar wave of consumerism around it but it is quite the opposite. If you walk across a rickety bridge that is held together by weathered wooden boards and nails, you find a broken and disappearing village.

2) The author’s purpose is to shed light on a village that has been neglected.

3) I agree with the author because no one should ever be neglected, let alone an entire village.

4) I would put more blame on the government

5) I would add this to the middle of our article to give us a more serious tone.